Welcome to Digital Dublin

Dublin has been rapidly developing as a smart city for many years. Digital Dublin is the city’s Policy and Practice initiative that will identify, map, benchmark and set targets for the development of a Dublin that is innovative, and uses digital tools and solutions effectively, efficiently and assists to drive the economy of the city.

Digital Dublin is an alliance of Government, Business, Higher Education and Citizens. This Alliance will develop Dublin as one of the world’s leading smart, innovative and intelligent cities.

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The Dublin Digital Leadership Forum provides the collaborative and co creating leadership for Digital Dublin. bringing together key players from across the digital ecosystem. Capturing ground-level opinion and representation from citizens, civil society, academia and enterprise is a crucial part of this leadership structure.

Digital Dublin has just delivered a Digital Masterplan for the City.

The Digital Masterplan for Dublin provides a guide for the city in terms of adaption, creation and adoption of digital technologies and processes. It will lead to more efficient overall management of the city, its resources and everyday activities. The primary deliverable of the Masterplan is to facilitate further innovation in the region, long-term sustainability, enhanced citizen-focussed governance and job creation. In doing so, it will improve the functioning of the city, making it a better place to live, work, study and visit. It will improve the attractiveness of the city for home-grown and foreign tech companies and digital start-ups.

A key driver of  the Masterplan is the Digital Maturity Scorecard (DMS) which is being jointly developed by Intel Labs, Maynooth College, Imperial College London and City Council. The Digital Maturity Scorecard is an analystical tool to benchmark where the city is digitally and help decide where to deploy resources against what needs to be done. It will allow benchmarking of the city region internationally.

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DigiDubs launch the Digital Masterplan June 2013