CityWatch are seeking trial App users


CityWatch is a mobile App that allows citizens to report occurrences and events (both Positive and Negative) that they encounter in the city.

The initial trial theme of CityWatch is sustainability in the city so we’re looking at Bio Diversity and Green initiatives.

What have you seen that’s GOOD in the city? (eg a community garden?) Equally what have you encountered that’s bad (eg. Littering)

CityWatch allows users to report these positive and negative encounters in the city.

Gain points for reports and compete against other users, view table of top users, see how the DCC group of users is doing – prizes will be awarded for the highest point scorers – so the more you use the trial App the better the chance of winning a prize.

See for more information.

Dublin City Council requires more trial users for this App – are you interested in assisting and be in with a chance to win prizes?

If so contact

This App is for Android phones only at this stage and we really are seeking people who live within the City Council administrative area.(Postcode areas)

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